Here is a List of This Week’s New Professionals That Will Be Featured in One of Our Upcoming Magazines

Meghan Daly Rosselli, Owner/Operator, Silver Lace Graphics, LLC, Buena Vista, VA

In business for just over a year, Silver Lace Graphics, LLC was founded by Solo Entrepreneur Meghan Day Rosselli. Beginning her career in design with the start of her first year of college, Meghan enjoyed magazines her entire life. The creation of those magazines is what led her to study graphic design in college. Beginning by freelancing during my college years, she gained practical experience and confidence, graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts with an emphasis in Graphic Design and a Minor in Art History in 2001. She is currently pursuing her Masters of Business Administration/Masters of Science Management to better understand how to properly run her art/graphic design business. Currently, she oversees her company as art director, creative director, brand identity developer, accountant, and marketer.

Crissy LaFollette, Owner, Tumbling Express, Inc.; Volunteer Trampoline and Tumbling Region 4 Chair, USA Gymnastics; Volunteer Committee Member, Junior Olympics; Leader Level Judge; FIG Brevet Judge (International Judge), Trampoline and Tumbling, Washington, IN

As the Owner of Tumbling Express, Crissy LaFollette coaches all the team athletes, organizes classes, trains the instructors, handles all paperwork, organizes schedules, and more. As the Region 4 Chair, Crissy hosts the Regional Championships (which includes athletes from 10 states), does site visits, contract negotiations, competition entries, schedules, organizes the volunteers, and hires and pays the judges. She also promotes the sport of Trampoline & Tumbling through coaches, judges, and athlete education. As a Junior Olympics Committee member, she creates the routines and rules for competition for the levels. As a Leader Level Judge, Crissy teaches people how to become a Trampoline & Tumbling Judge and gives the courses. As a judge, she scores the athletes during competitions. Crissy has been the owner of Tumbling Express for 22 years. At age 13 she began coaching while competing in gymnastics. She was also the Indiana State Chair for USA Gymnastics for about 10 years before becoming the Regional Chair in 2011.

Victoria Lorenzo Almosara, Founding Director, President, CEO, Springs of Living Water, Waipahu, HI

Initiating and implementing Community Training Programs and Projects for needy families dependent on welfare and newly arrived unemployed immigrants, as the Founding Director, President, and CEO of Springs of Living Water, Victoria Lorenzo Almosara prepares these individuals to become employable and self-sufficient. The major project of this faith-based, non-profit organization is centered on one major project, the Faith, Hope and Love Child Care and Learning Center, licensed to operate by the Department of Human Services to accept children ages two through five, since 2002. Working hand-in-hand with the preschool project, Victoria and her organization also erected a commercial kitchen facility to serve breakfast, lunch, and snacks to the children for free. Founded in 1999, the most current and ongoing project of Springs of Living Water is the establishment of an orphanage in the Philippines, Paraiso Children House of Refuge, which was registered and incorporated in the Securities and Exchange Commission in the Philippines in 2014.