Here is a List of This Week’s New Professionals That Will Be Featured in One of Our Upcoming Magazines

Sharon M. Hayes, President, Sharon M. Hayes LLC,, and, St. Louis, MO

Working in the field for more than 25 years, Sharon M. Hayes is a multi-faceted visionary leader who breathes creative life, with a strategic positioning, into any company or project. Specializing in new and existing companies, products, or services from concept through production and the introduction to the consumer, sales, and trade arena via traditional and digital means, Sharon creates and escorts a product to the “marketing launch pad”. She assists with business and marketing plans by adding the necessary “creative dazzle”. She is a business broker assisting in the buying and selling of companies and she works with everything from start-up companies to Fortune 500 companies. Sharon has owned a creative marketing agency, an art gallery, and a children’s retail shop.  She is also the Author and creator of, a children’s entertainment world of books, online games and songs, and Fine Artist known worldwide for her faces that share eyes.

Natalia Levey, CNC, President, Healthy Intent, Tampa, FL

President of Healthy Intent Natalia Levey, CNC serves as a creative chef, certified health coach and nutritional consultant, overseeing the creation of all wellness programs, personally teaching private and corporate cooking classes, running workshops, and speaking about the importance of nutrition and healthy lifestyle. Receiving her professional culinary training in New York City in 2002, she dedicated the next decade of her life to being a wife and mother, while teaching private cooking classes and perfecting her recipes. In 2013 her passion for health was reignited by the challenge of going on a serious elimination diet in pursuit of learning about her body, which led her to becoming a Certified Health Coach and Nutritional Consultant. In the spring of 2014 she founded her company, Healthy Intent with a goal of educating professional women about the importance of proper nutrition and self-care through private and corporate cooking classes, lectures, workshops, and a digital magazine.