Here is a List of This Week’s New Professionals That Will Be Featured in One of Our Upcoming Magazines

Carolyn Goodman, President/Creative Director, Goodman Marketing Partners, San Rafael, CA

As President of Goodman Marketing Partners in San Rafael, California, Carolyn Goodman handles everything from business development to client retention.  She makes sure the company operates in a fiscally-sound manner and with the highest of ethical standards.  As the company’s Creative Director, she is also responsible for the ideas they develop and executes on behalf of their clients.  Founded in the fall of 2002 after a 22-year career in the marketing and advertising industry, she has a culmination of 35 years of experience in the field.

Bonnie J. Sullivan, PhD, Psychologist, Bonnie J. Sullivan, PhD Psychologist, Calgary, Alberta, CAN

Working in mental health, Bonnie J. Sullivan of Calgary, Alberta, Canada provides psychotherapy to adult individuals and groups.  As sole proprietor, she also takes care of all administrative duties.  First getting into the field in 1992, she has been in private practice since 2004.

Linda Maccariella, Retired Senior Career Teacher, School District of Philadelphia, PA

Serving in the capacity of an ESL teacher, Linda Maccariella taught for 32 years before retiring from the classroom.  In addition to teaching students, she also supported teachers as a Small Learning Community Coordinator, Literacy Coach, Voyager Reading Program Coach, and Program Support Teacher.  Linda also belonged to grant writing committees and was a member of the Child Support Team.

Manda A. Shepherd, Founder and CEO, Clarinet/Piano/Group Class Instructor, Manda’s Music, Boston, MA

Mostly a one-woman show working in music, Manda A. Shepherd runs day-to-day administration, prepare quarterly plans, organizes and oversee events, and teaches clients.  As Founder and CEO of Manda’s Music since July 2015, it has been my full-time job.  Initially starting out as a part-time side business in January 2012 while pursuing her Master’s Degree and working full-time in Non-Profit Development, the business has since grown quite successful.  Manda began teaching private lessons when she was in high school in 2008, and continued on through college for local, non-profit organizations.

Geneviève Carle, MBA, PMP, President, Services CGC, Quebec, CAN

Helping clients achieve their key business goals as the President of her organization, Geneviève Carle formed her business in the spring of 2015 but has been in the field her entire career.  Helping other businesses improve and succeed is her number one goal, one client at a time.

Rose Smith, Chairman and CEO, RCS Productions, Inc., New York, NY

Working in the film and television industry, as well as the food/beverage, mobile, and water filtration industries, for over 30 years, Rose Smith keeps very busy.  Currently the Chairman and CEO of RCS Productions, Inc., she is responsible for finding strategic partnerships for sales, raising of capital for different companies, and launching new companies, both domestically and internationally.  Also involved in charity work with the military and other various organizations, Rose believes in giving back to making a positive difference in the world.

Christinah Marie Gaddy, MSHI, RHIA, Regional Medical Records Director, Correct Care Solutions (CCS), Arkansas Department of Correction, AR

Focusing her career in healthcare as a Regional Medical Records Director for Correct Care Solutions (CCS), Christinah Marie Gaddy is responsible for overseeing the medical records departments located inside all 28 correctional facilities throughout in the state of Arkansas.  Christinah is also responsible for protecting the privacy and confidentiality of patient health information and assuring that all processes and procedures are well documented and followed so as to ensure health information of all inmates are accessible and readily available when needed by healthcare providers, attorneys and/or other authorized entities that might need that information.  Beginning her career with CCS in July 2016, she is thoroughly enjoying the opportunity and is eager about the future of her career with the organization.

Réagan Edith Lorraine Lavorata, Instructor of Business and Tutor of Diverse Subjects, Various Long Island, New York Colleges and Universities; Private Tutor; Long Island, NY

As an Adjunct Instructor Réagan Edith Lorraine Lavorata teaches a diverse number of marketing classes, such as Principles of Marketing, International Marketing, and Advertising, and management classes like MIS, Production Management, and HR, as well as general business classes.  She also assesses students and evaluate them.  As a Tutor, she conducts private tutoring sessions in the areas of ESL, English French, Social Sciences, Earth and Environmental Sciences, and Bible Studies. Réagan has been teaching for 23 years and tutoring for 11 years.

Lisa Dyke-Hill, M.S.CCC-SLP, Lead Speech-Language Pathologist, Speech-Language Pathology for Pediatrics & Geriatrics, Inc., Parkland, FL

For the past 13 years, Lisa Dyke-Hill has been working as a Speech-Language Pathologist.  Managing daily operations, she also maintains professional knowledge and quality service inside the doors of Speech-Language Pathology for Pediatrics & Geriatrics, located in Parkland, Florida.  In her role, Lisa prevents, assesses, diagnoses, and treats speech, language, social communication, cognitive communication, and swallowing disorders in both children and adults.  She works in collaboration with teachers, physicians, psychologists, audiologists, social workers, physical and occupational therapists, and rehabilitation counselors.  Notably, Lisa earned her MS at Florida State University in 2003.