Here is a List of This Week’s New Professionals That Will Be Featured in One of Our Upcoming Magazines

Stephanie Simone Symes, Staff Compliance Auditor, Baptist Health South Florida, Coral Gables FL

Employed with Baptist Health South Florida for three years, Stephanie Simone Symes has been in the healthcare field 30 years.   Currently serving as a Staff Compliance Auditor, she conducts structured, formal audits of risk areas.  Her scope of work includes detection, prevention, correction and prevention of illegal or unethical conduct.  This is accomplished with communication provided by education and policies and procedures.  At Baptist Health South Florida, policies and procedures provides employees with guidance, making the organization one of the world’s most ethical organizations; an accreditation received several times consecutively.

Dr. Lory D. Morrow, Superintendent, Davidson County Schools, Lexington, NC

Responsible for the leadership, management and administration of 35 schools with 20,000 students grades K to 12, the supervision of 2,500 staff members, and yearly budget totaling approximately $160 million dollars, Dr. Lory D. Morrow has been the Superintendent of Davidson Count Schools in Lexington, North Carolina for the past two years.  She has been in education for 25 years.

Annette Herrman, President and Managing Partner, HomeRun Creative Services, Buffalo, NY

As President and Managing Partner of HomeRun Creative Services in Buffalo, New York, Annette Herrman takes an active role in guiding the progress of each client’s journeys through the maze that is today’s advertising.  Some of their clients are seasoned veterans and need their brand protected and advanced; others’ brands are only just being developed and the clients are new to the world of advertising.  Annette’s job is to know enough about all her clients’ products and services, as well as their business plans and goals, to advise and communicate their messages to their target audiences.

Annette’s business partner, Ryan Robe, and she formed HomeRun Creative Services in 2009, but they have worked together since 2004.  Anecdotally, the “H” is Herrman and the “R” is Robe in “HomeRun”.  Ryan briefly played pro baseball and Annette is apt to say corny one-liners like, “We try to hit a homerun every time!”  That’s how our company name was born.   Annette has been in advertising, mostly television, since 1981.

Lori L. Peacock, President, Physical Performance Solutions at Versa Therapies, LLC, Aiken, SC

As President of Physical Performance Solutions at Versa Therapies, LLC, Lori L. Peacock’s role is to expand the vision and mission of the company, which centers around consultants for ergonomics, human movement, and wellness, as well as prevent physical injury in the workplace, at home, or in sports.  Lori has been working in the wellness industry for more than 25 years:  preventative, restoration of physical abilities, education to the general public of wellness and prevention of physical limitations.  In the manufacturing arena, they work with companies to solve potential challenges with static positions, repetitive motions, overuse injuries, and altered movement patterns in the work place.