Here is a List of This Week’s New Professionals That Will Be Featured in One of Our Upcoming Magazines

Heather Browning, Vice-President of Sales and Marketing, OPENonline, OH, OR, CA

Serving as the VP of Sales and Marketing for OPENonline, Heather Browning position oversees the company’s national sales and marketing activities.  She is responsible for the planning, organizing, implementing, and overseeing of sales plans for all sales staff.  Closing sales and ensuring her sales team also closes sales, she also establishes sales processes and sales person compensation plans, and must achieve company sales goals and objectives as identified by and with executive management.  Heather has been in the industry for 10 years and with her current company for the past five years.

TeSchara Teel Boykin, Certified Travel Agent, Paycation Plus/Xstream Travel, Allen, TX

Assisting individuals, businesses, families, and non-profit organizations in all types of travel as a Certified Travel Agent with Paycation Plus/Xstream Travel, TeSchara Teel Boykin offers the best in travel experience.  Equipping each client with packages, tools, and instruments needed in order to fulfill the purpose of their travels, she also assists in creating timeless adventures.  With her current company for under six months, TeSchara has been in the networking industry for more than three years now.