NADP Announces This Week’s New Professionals That Will Be Featured in One of Our Upcoming Magazine

Natalie Rensi, LPN, NASP CPT, ACE Certified Health Coach, Practical Nurse, Central Ohio Primary Care Physicians (COPCP); Founder, MACfit Lifestyles, Sunburry, OH

Helping women rethink their concept of wellness, Natlie Rensi’s goal for clients is to embrace the notion that wellness is not just working out and eating salads, because sometimes life calls for a cookie! Being truly well is an alignment of a healthy mind, body, and soul! Through In-Person Training as well as Online Coaching, Natalie works with each client to determine what that means for them. Natalie has been in the nursing profession for 10 years and the founder of MACfit for three years.

Christine Sapio, Physics and AP Physics Teacher, Coconino Institute of Technology Recruiter, “CocoNuts” FIRST Robotics Team Coach, Arizona FIRST Tech Challenge Affiliate Partner, Coconino High School, Flagstaff, AZ

Christine Sapio teaches four sections of physics, two in the Coconino Institute of Technology program for freshmen), one regular section for juniors and seniors, and an Advanced Placement section . The CocoNuts compete in the FIRST Robotics Competition (FIRST = For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology). They have six weeks to build a 150-lb working machine to play a new game each year and host numerous FIRST events for students all over their region. They also mentor most of the 20+ elementary and middle school teams in the area. Christine’s job as the Affiliate Partner is to manage the FIRST Tech Challenge program for 7th-12th graders for Arizona and New Mexico. She is in charge of approximately 80 teams and 8-9 tournaments that occur statewide. She’s been teaching at Coconino High School for almost 10 years. She started working with STEM education as an undergrad in 2002 at Northern Arizona University.

Vicki Starfire, Owner and Manager, StarShine Products, LLC, Ferndale, WA

Providing various online services for other companies alongside her staff of three, Vicki Starfire also sells several of her own products on and on her own websites. Specializing in Internet Marketing, Social Media, and Psychic Healing and Readings, Vicki has several affiliate programs that provide commissions for sales. She also works at several locations to provide psychic readings and healing using primarily palm reading. Vicki has had this business since she retired from teaching in Japan in 2010.

Lourinda R. Willey, PhD, CEM, Owner/Principal, Lourinda R. Willey, LLC, TX

With a primary vision to empower workers and organizations to be the best informed leaders in safety, environment, health, quality, and security, Lourinda R. Willey is the Owner/Principal of Lourinda R. Willey, LLC. Specializing in oil and gas construction (Safety, Health, Environmental, Security, Emergency Management), Lourinda handles safety, environment, risk assessment, hazard Analysis, Emergency planning and response, certified emergency manager, construction, general industry, woman owned Business, Native American owned business, workplace assessments, workplace audits, safety and health Consulting, OSHA compliance, safety training, incident investigation, and accident investigation. Lourinda has been the Owner of Safety Consulting since 1999.

Adeline Dorsainvil, CEO, Le Bijoux Parfum Inc., Miramar, FL

Adeline Dorsainvil, CEO of Le Bijoux Parfum Inc., oversees the distribution of perfume products, which includes communicating with vendors and manufacturers in China and Europe, executing and branching product online, handling shipping and distribution, hosting local perfume launch parties, and building a connection with customers. Le Bijoux Parfum was founded in May 2015.

Monica Carson, Owner, Carson’s Child Support Consultations, Austin, TX

As the Owner of Carson’s Child Support Consultations in Austin, Texas, Monica Carson sits down with parents and explains the child support process. She listens to their issues and gives them direction on how to try and resolve them. She is also a Texas Certified Process Server, where she serves and delivers legal documents to Defendant’s and Respondent’s. Self-employed since January 2015, Monica has been in the child support industry since 1991. She worked for the Texas Attorney General’s Office, Child Support Division, for 20 years.

Jessica L. Ruivo, Executive Assistant, Everflow Supplies Inc., Carteret, NJ

Working for Everflow Supplies Inc., a company that manufactures and distributes plumbing and heating supplies nationwide, Jessica L. Ruivo assists managerial staff as their Executive Assistant. When needed, she also assists different departments, such as Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Front Desk, Bookkeeping, and Customer Service. She’s been with Everflow Supplies Inc. for four years, but in office administration since 2006.

Kerry-Ann Baker, Executive Director, KAAB Continuum LLC, College of Health and Allied Development, Delray Beach, FL

Determining the strategic direction of KAAB Continuum LLC and the College of Health and Allied Development, Kerry-Ann Baker also provides leadership in the form of developing staff and supporting them to successfully execute their roles. Additionally, she facilitates interaction within the organization with its stakeholders, clients, well-wishers, and the community. Kerry-Ann has been working in the healthcare field for over 17 years, and with KAAB Continuum LLC for two-and-a-half years.

Maria Rochelle, Author, Atlanta, GA

As a Writer and Interviewer, Maria Rochelle’s desire is to inspire other women to go after their dreams. One of the reasons she started writing children books was to teach children to start dreaming about what they want to do with their lives and to encourage it at a young age. A published children’s author for almost two years, since December 2013, Maria has been interviewing for several months, talking to others about their accomplishments and dreams and sharing it on her website.

Natalia Koren Kropf, Founder, KorenKropf Studio, Forest Hills, NY

Providing guidance and inspiration to young children and adults through art making and yoga practice, Natalia Koren Kropf also cultivates personal awareness, confidence, and a sense of interconnectedness as the Founder of KorenKropf Studio. Giving everyone their personal space to express themselves and to learn who they are, so that their potential will be fulfilled, KorenKropf Studio was founded in 2004. This is their 11th year in business.

Kimberly Giles, CEO, Claritypoint Coaching Academy, South Jordan, UT

As Founder and President of Claritypoint Coaching and Master Trainer at the Academy, Kimberly Giles is also a professional speaker, “people skills” trainer, and coaches personal life coaching clients. She is a popular guest on local and national TV and radio programs where she shares her amazing system for a more confident and successful life. She feels blessed to share it with people around the world. Kimberly has been working in the coaching industry for 11 years and founded her company, Claritypoint Coaching, seven years ago.

Jennifer McCarty-Palumbo, Owner/Photographer, Baby Boo Photography and Studio B2, Nicholasville, KY

As the Sole Owner, Photographer, and Editor of her own studio, Baby Boo Photography and Studio B2, Jennifer McCarty-Palumbo does everything from shooting sessions, booking clients, editing in Photoshop, sorting orders, framing, and all other business related things. Jennifer has owned and operated the studio for 12 years.

Shonique V. Richardson, Sushi Chef, Universal Orlando Resort, Orlando, FL

Sushi Chef Shonique V. Richardson began in the hospitality industry in 2010. Beginning her career with Universal Resort one year ago, she is in charge of making some of the most beautiful and delicious sushi rolls for their wonderful guess at Universal Orlando Resort’s City Walk, as well as providing excellent customer service in the back of the house.

Diann Wilson, Conflict Resolution Mediator, Mediation Matters, LLC, Phoenix, AZ

For more than 20 years, Diann Wilson has been working in her field, specifically as an Alternative Conflict Resolution Specialist. Now the owner of Mediation Matters in Phoenix, Arizona Diann mediates conflict cases and teaches mediation skills.

Lisa Bruhn, Independent Filmmaker; Writer, Producer, Life in Reels Productions, Carlsbad, CA

Lisa Bruhn is the Co-Founder and Part Owner of Life in Reels Productions where her main role is screenwriting and producing short and feature films. In the producing role, Lisa acts as the overall business manager of the projects selecting the key cast and crew, filming locations, permits, contracts, and oversees all aspects of production from development of the idea to getting the final film available for viewing on all sizes of screens. She draws upon her 25+ years of sales and marketing experience in semiconductor industry for producing film projects.

Lisa has also always had an interest in writing, especially travel writing for the San Diego Reader and her own travel blog at She became interested in screenwriting in 2013, inspired by her son Tyler Bruhn, an independent film actor since the age of 13. Early in the screenwriting process, Lisa and her son Tyler, of experience and connections to the project. Together they formed Life in Reels Productions and have since produced several other short films and videos. Carving a Life will be premiered and screened at film festivals in winter of 2015.

Tracy Eisenman, Life Transformation Mentor, Owner, Tracy, Western PA

Specializing in health and wellness, as well as personal growth with an emphasis on stress management, Tracy Eisenman develops and executes easy to use, step-by-step plans for individuals and companies to enhance their lives and improve customer service as a Life Transformation Coach and Owner of This work results in permanent changes to the lives of her clients and increases the ratings of the companies where they work. Tracy has been working in the wellness industry since 2000.

Deborah Anne Dillon, Health and Wellness Coach, Gypsy Soul 65, Manteca, CA

Deborah Anne Dillon has been a Health Coach for the last year, leading people to live life believing anything is possible when knowledge is attained and shared. She has set out on her own journey to show clients that with food all things are possible, with the right food no medicine is needed, and that when medicine is needed the food is not right. Chronically ill for the last 13 years, she was inspired by a girlfriend of hers who battled Stage 4 Lung cancer and was told she would only live six months fought her battle for 4 ½ years through diet and primary food. She helped Deborah through knowledge, inspiration, and faith to go from 31 medications to five through diet alone.

Carona McKenzie, Owner, C&M Homemaker Companion Service, Orlando, FL

As the Owner of C&M Homemaker Companion Service in Orlando, Florida, Carona McKenzie’s sole responsibility is to care for elderly patients who are in need companion care services. This can consist of providing transportation to medical appointments, assisting with activities of daily living, and more. In the healthcare industry for over 30 years, Carona has owned her business for seven years.

Tiffany Chapman, Owner/Photographer, Tiffany Chapman Photography, Austin, TX

Artist and Photographer Tiffany Chapman began building her photography business, Tiffany Chapman Photography in Austin, Texas in 2005 as she was graduating with her undergraduate degree. Officially registered in January 2011, Tiffany specializes in weddings, families, maternity, and births. Her goal is to artistically capture moments in the life of people who are passionate about preserving their memories in photographs.

Heather Ventura, Physician Assistant in Orthopedic Surgery; Independent Consultant, Rodan and Fields Dermatology, Yucca Valley, CA

Seeing patients in the clinic and assesses and treating common orthopedic injuries, both acute and chronic in nature, Heather Ventura has been a Physician Assistant (PA) in Orthopedic Surgery since 2011. She is a surgical first assist for orthopedics, general surgery, and OBGYN. She also does rounds on surgical patients and assesses in-patient consultations for orthopedics. Working for her current organization for the past one-and-a-half years, Heather has been a PA since 2010. She is also an Independent Consultant with Rodan and Fields Dermatology.

Jo Ann H. Kuharske, Personalized Blended Learning Lab Coordinator, Morse Marshall High School for the Gifted and Talented; Author, Milwaukee, WI

Working in education for more than 20 years, Jo Ann H. Kuharske meets the needs of students in the Personalized Blended Learning environment, while also helping students recover credits necessary in order to graduate. With the Milwaukee Public School District since January 1992, Jo Ann has been a part of the Morse Marshall for the Gifted and Talented for the past four years.

Julia M. Sherman, President/Founder, MillSher Compliance Consulting, LLC, Kansas City, MO

Julia M. Sherman, President/Founder of MillSher Compliance Consulting, LLC, which is based in Kansas City, Missouri, began her career in the Affordable Housing industry in 1997. Overseeing daily operations of her firm, it is also her responsibility to collaborate with potential clients. In order to accommodate the needs and expectations of those clients, she often travels to various locations in order to personally oversee successful completion of projects. Establishing her company in December 2014, MillSher Compliance Consulting, LLC has been in full operation since February 2015.