Aileen Nunez, MS – Chief Executive Officer, Famwell Healing Center Corporation


“The biggest lesson I’ve learned working in my profession is to do the work first. You must make sure you have gone through your own healing process to achieve the success you want others to experience. When you’re a living testimony of your work, it validates your belief in what you do and validates your purpose and passion. Clients will respect you more when you buy what you sell.”

Entrepreneur, Life Transitions Empowerment Coach, and Marriage and Family Therapist of more than 25 years and Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Famwell Healing Center Corporation, Aileen Nunez’s business is located in the heart of Miami, Florida. It’s a place where clients go to chase their dreams, seek empowerment, and find a new path in life.

Dedicating most of her time serving as a Professional Life Transitions Empowerment Coach, Aileen creates group coaching workshops to help empower clients looking to live the life of their dreams. Over the past 20 years, she has also become much more involved in Career Counseling and Psychotherapy, and even more recently, has been working as a Life Transitions Coach, helping individuals and groups overcome obstacles that have prevented them from creating the lives they’ve envisioned.

Aileen also focuses much of her energy on finding strategies that she can introduce to clients seeking to actualize their life’s dreams. She has formulated a program, using a combination of positive psychology, empowerment coaching, and emotional healing, called the Life Transitions Empowerment Coaching Program. The Program is currently patent pending. She has enjoyed great success while working in both individual and group settings and it is her dream to take her program and implement it for teachers, therapists, and professional life coaches to use. Aileen has also been speaking at more events than ever before in order to introduce her powerful technique to others in the helping fields.

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Phone: (305)525-0384