Dr. Bonnie Liakos, DC, DABAN


“When a healthcare practitioner tells you there is nothing else that can be done for you, remember there are always other choices out there. Never give up until you find a person who is willing to try new things to help you get well.”

Helping patients regain their health is one of Dr. Bonnie Liakos’ greatest passions. A veteran in her field, Dr. Liakos has been a practicing Holistic Chiropractor and Applied Kinesiologist for 32 years.

Since 2000, Dr. Liakos’s holistic integrated practice, Dr. Bonnie Liakos, Inc., has been helping patients overcome a variety of health issues. As the owner of Dr. Bonnie Liakos, Inc. her ultimate goal is to help patients restore their health through various noninvasive protocols. These techniques include but are not limited to chiropractic, eastern medicine, nutrition, homeopathy, psychology, osteopathy, naturopathy, and exercise rehab.

Dr. Liakos specializes in treating patients with Lyme Disease, Candida, IBS and other digestive issues, as well as hormone imbalances, food and environmental sensitivities, electromagnetic field imbalances (EMF) and heavy metal accumulation. She is also an expert in treating migraines, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, parasites, autoimmune disorders, ADD/ADHD, Autism — and much more.

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Website: http://www.drliakos.com/
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