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“The harder the task, the more persistent I become. None of it has come easy. Follow your dreams. It takes a lot of faith to do this because you don’t always see the answers right away. Sometimes they come over time with persistence. But trust that the answers are there.”

Award-winning journalist, Dr. Donna Clovis brings history to life with her unique ability to share and document the lives and stories of older generations. Through research and carefully crafted interviews her first novel, Quantum Leaps in Princeton’s Place, eloquently details life in Princeton, New Jersey, in the early 1900s through the late 1950s through the eyes of two of the oldest citizens. Inspired by legendary journalists Barbara Walters and Walter Cronkite, Donna displays passion and integrity in all her reporting.

As a documentary journalist and photographer, Donna won a McCloy Fellowship from American Council on Germany and Harvard to document the lives of Holocaust survivors in Germany. She uncovered the story of German youth who trade their military service to work with Holocaust survivors. Despite this history, they look to make a change. Donna’s work on that project is in the archives of the Holocaust Museum in Washington. Additionally, she received a Prudential Fellowship from Columbia University School of Journalism for Children and the News that resulted in best practices for reading and writing education in schools. She also won the Albert Einstein Award in Education that looks for solutions to issues in schools and won first place feature writing award for the National Association of Black Journalists for her article on racial profiling.

“I love to interview the elderly. They have so many stories we can learn from. Interviews of Holocaust survivors were especially moving to my whole family. We don’t need to let this happen ever again. I document photography and stories for people to remember. Interviewing the oldest African Americans shared the tremendous racism in our country but showed their dignity and peace in standing up against it and changing the system through the civil rights movement. We can make a change, but we have to listen to those before us, not to make the same mistakes again.”

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