Dr. JoAnn Fisher – CEO & CFO, Women Veterans United Committee


“My determination to make a change for women and children is what has kept me in my career for so long. Before I joined the Navy in 1976, I was a welfare recipient living in California. I promised myself that I would make a change for women and children. While on active duty, I always remembered that promise. As I attended college, I wrote papers on the subject; and throughout my life and career, I’ve always helped women.”

Dr. JoAnn Fisher’s commitment to advancing Women Veterans is driven by a deeply personal connection to her work. A Navy Veteran, Dr. Fisher knows first hand the challenges female military members face when they retire from active duty. She brings this knowledge and experience to her role as Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer of Women Veterans United Committee, Inc. (WVUCI).

Founded in 2015, Women Veterans United Committee ensures the needs of Women Veterans are met with vigor. In her role, Dr. Fisher is responsible for setting the organization’s direction and budget, forming partnerships by working with a management team, and establishing the organization’s culture.

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Website: http://www.wvucinc.org/
Phone: (240) 305-5516
Email: WVUCINC@gmail.com