Famika Edmond – Owner & Founder, Skiny Mika Healthy Eating and Health Coaching Services


“As a business woman, everything can’t always be about the dollar and how much you make. Being able to care about an individual’s overall wellbeing is much more significant.”

Famika’s background includes having worked as a Wellness Navigator/Case Manager for Ruth Ellis Center, as a Complex Care Assistant Manager for the University of Michigan Medical School, as a Patient Care Assistant for the University of Michigan Health System, and as a Compliance Assistant Manager for AHRC of New York City. Since struggling with her weight for many years, Famika Edmond admits that she that she has been on more fad diets that she can remember. But after finally having the sleeve surgery to help her get on track and stay there, she knew that she would still have to watch what she was eating and exercise regularly, and she would have to do it the right way. The only option for Famika was to begin eating clean.

Skiny Mika Healthy Eating and Health Coach Services offers just that, meal preparation services and healthy coaching services. Meal preparation includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner and smoothies that are pre-prepared in Mason jars or in blender kits and Mason jar salads. Making meals to order, which are taken up until 5pm each day, they can either be picked up or delivered straight to customers’ homes or places of business the next business day.

Contact Famika

Website: www.skinymikahealthyeatin.com
Email: skinymikahealthyeating@gmail.com
Phone: (734)258-7120