Jyoti Challi – Founder, President & CEO of Banyan Solutions Inc.


“When I got laid off in 2001, my options were to go back to India or stay in America and wait for a job. I knew under the economic circumstances after 9/11, that finding another job soon was unlikely to happen. I could have given up and gone back. Instead, recognizing that if you want to create a new company, the United States is a great place to give it a try, I chose to start my own business. Deep in my heart I believed that I could do it.”

Founder, President and CEO of Banyan Solutions Inc. Jyoti Challi epitomizes the American Dream. With little saving, she came to America from India in 1999 to start a new life as a single mom with her six-year-old daughter. With a background in Information Technology and in-depth knowledge of Enterprise Resource Planning, Jyoti worked with an IT consulting firm in Manhattan but was laid off. Although challenging at the time, it turned out to be the trigger for Jyoti to seize control of her destiny and start her own company.

In 2001, Jyoti Challi witnessed the attacks of 9/11 firsthand and lost her job, along with nearly 500,000 other professionals that were laid off in the United States that year. She knew she had to make some life-changing decisions for the sake of her career and also for her then six-year-old-daughter. Moving out west to California, with just $2,000 remaining in her bank account, she combined her technology skills with her passion for healthcare and formed “Banyan Solutions, Inc.” a Medical transcription and Medical Billing Company unlike any other.

Banyan is a healthcare office solutions company that has been providing doctors, clinics and hospitals nationwide with Internet-enabled, secure, online medical billing services, and online medical transcription services for more than 15 years. The company’s secure, accurate and accessible medical billing service helps physicians save time and increase profitability by reducing medical billing expenses and streamlining the medical billing reimbursement process. As Founder, President and CEO Jyoti is responsible for bringing in new clients and new business ideas to the company.

“When I bring new technology to the company I coordinate the change with my team and also with the clients. I am continuously paying attention to my clients changing needs and use technology to create new solutions. A lot of research goes into adding new technology. The product goes through vigorous testing before it is released. I get great satisfaction that I am genuinely helping my clients by providing them with the latest technology. By helping the doctors I am helping the patients. In other words, the feeling of doing good and giving back to the community is my inspiration.”


Website: www.BanyanSolutionsInc.com
Phone: (650) 766-9338
Email: jyoti@banyansolutionsinc.com