Lida DalBello-Dighton – Optimal Health Facilitator, Divine Strategies for Wellness


“What inspires me to do what I do is the reaction of the hearts I touch in the people I counsel. People show up at my door with hopelessness, heavy hearts, and despair and walk out strong, hopeful and positive. Ready to embrace whatever life may bring their way. It is so fulfilling for me to finally find my passion in life. Helping others does that for me. A simple change in perception and unloading of heavy thoughts and feelings is all it takes. I am blessed to have the ability to facilitate these miraculous transformations.”

As the owner of Divine Strategies for Wellness, Lida DalBello-Dighton helps her clients optimize their health and happiness through the healing power of energy medicine. Using highly effective alternative healthcare modalities, Divine Strategies for Wellness promotes and facilitates deep levels of mental, spiritual, emotional and physical energy healing for overall well-being. Lida’ s work includes: eliminating disease vibrations such as cancer, neutralizing traumatic emotions from past events, finding relief from the pain of stress and anxiety, rejuvenating depleted energy, and more.

Easily approachable, Lida’s clients find it easy to open up to her and share their personal struggles. With professionalism and a witty sense of humor, she creates a relaxing environment, which enables trust, comfort, and tranquility. In addition to owning Divine Strategies for Wellness, Lida hosts meditation and Reiki nights where like-minded individuals gather together to share and inspire each other with stories of personal growth and transformations.

Lida said her greatest professional challenge was taking her own advice. In the fall of 2014, she was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer, a month after the passing of her mother. Medical professionals estimated Lida only had a few months to live. With her husband and three young daughters by her side offering love and support, Lida found the courage and motivation to live. Having several years of energy medicine training, she understood that she was not just a physical being. Against her oncologist’s advice, Lida chose to incorporate energy medicine and alternative therapies in her healing journey to address the cause and heal the symptoms she was experiencing at the source. Three months after diagnosis Lida was in remission and six months after that she was cancer free. Today, Lida remains cancer free and her once skeptic oncologists now recommend that she continue with energy medicine and alternative therapies.

Having survived cancer and helped others optimize their health, Lida now plans to write a book. She hopes her story of recovery inspires others and raises awareness about alternative choices for healing, which conventional medicine does not offer.

Contant Lida