Meagan Murphy – Managing Director Deliberate Healing Productions, LLC


“My thoughts jumped to the women in my life who were struggling with their breasts in so many different ways. Some had body image issues, others grappled with breastfeeding woes, and still others had cysts or cancer. I realized that what I thought was a strictly personal grief was actually a large-scale problem.”

The statistics are shocking. Ninety percent of women are unhappy with their breasts. Furthermore, a UCLA study that polled 60,000 women discovered that 85 percent of them are “dissatisfied with or ambivalent about their breasts.” Despite such alarming figures the issue has been swept under the rug. Upon learning the magnitude of the dilemma, veteran broadcast and film professional Meagan Murphy knew she needed to start a conversation to bring the voices of real women to the forefront.

In 2012, Meagan formed Deliberate Healing Productions LLC to produce The Breast Archives documentary. The powerful film features the incredible stories of nine brave women willing to bare their souls and their bodies on camera. The documentary investigates how the media, religion, patriarchy, and other cultural influences impact the relationship women have with their breasts and seeks to offer a refreshed understanding of the interaction between a woman’s breasts and her mental, physical, and spiritual development. By creating an occasion to talk about a taboo subject, Meagan hopes to change the way women and society perceive the female body.

“I’d like to be a role model who inspires courage, compassion, and authentic expression. I am also deeply committed to changing society’s faulty perceptions of women and their feminine bodies as somehow dispensable, and I intend to use The Breast Archives as a springboard to make a difference in this arena.”

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