Meg Brown – Owner, Photographer, MegaBug Photography; Managing Partner, MegAGLOW Marketing

“I’m a go-getter. Everything I’ve set out to do in my life has been met with criticism and push back, yet I always accomplish what I say I will. Now, when people tell me I can’t do something, I accept it as a challenge. Those around me are in the habit of asking me what’s next and feeling just as excited about it as I am.”

Founding MegaBug Photography, LLC, in October 2013 at the age of 18, Meg worked overtime to launch her business while maintaining a full-time job and completing three degrees: a BA in English with a Concentration in Journalism and Creative Writing from Lyndon State College; an AS in Business Administration with a Minor in Marketing, also from Lyndon State College; and an AA in Liberal Arts from White Mountains Community College. Three years later, her career is doing better than ever and she’s overjoyed.

Now working with her own clients in a variety of settings as Owner/Photographer of MegaBug Photography, Meg offers everything from portraits and professional headshots to special events packaging for weddings and other affairs. As a one-woman operation, she juggles all aspects of the business, including marketing, advertising, website design and maintenance, as well as the financial side. Her main focus, however, are her clients.

MegaGLOW Marketing’s mission is to satisfy their clients’ every need and desire, providing a one-stop shop that does it all. Meg and her partner, Angie Low, have a diverse background of complementary skills- including web design, graphic design, photography, public relations, and social media.

Contact Meg

Phone: 603-991-7963
Facebook: MegaBug
Twitter: @megabugphoto
Instagram: @megabugphoto