Michael Lawrence Segreto – Emergency Services Lab Assistant


I enjoy the positive feedback I receive from students, colleagues, and peers that my contributions positively impact the success of their education and the functioning of ECC. My role at ECC is to help fulfill its mission to ‘improve peoples’ lives through learning’. Fulfilling this mission involves helping students as well as colleagues and peers. Shared components such as teamwork, communication, and cooperation help fulfill this mission.

Highly recommended by several of his professors to continue his education and teach at the college level, Michael Segreto’s presentation and instructional abilities are better than most. In 2007, after completing his second associate’s degree, Michael heeded his professors’ advice and began working for Elgin Community College (ECC) as an in-class tutor (a tutor who assists students during class sessions).Thereafter, his career at ECC experience continued to blossom, taking on roles of Academic Support Tutor, Academic Support Presenter, Office Administration Technology Instructional Center Assistant, Business Division Substitute Instructor, and his current position as Emergency Services Lab Assistant.

As an educator, Michael relies on keeping a good sense of humor, as well as welcoming and accepting feedback from students, colleagues, and peers. He also commits to being a lifelong learner.

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Contact Michael

Website: http://elgin.edu/
Phone: 847-886-5395
Email: msegreto@elgin.edu