Nance L. Schick, Esq.


My vision is to empower unity of one, worldwide human race through conflict resolution mastery and entrepreneurship. I want my Third Ear Conflict Resolution program to continue teaching people to forgive themselves for having conflicts and to powerfully resolve them. I want to see people reconnect with their personal gifts and create self-sufficiency from them. I want each of us to be free, to experience all of the joys in life, and to allow love to flow like air. Does that seem crazy coming from a lawyer?

Don’t be fooled by the business suit or her international corporate clients. New York-based attorney Nance L. Schick is not your traditional lawyer. The founder of The Law Studio that bears her name, Nance wants you to know from your first interaction that you can create your own resolutions. She knows because she has been creating her own through a diverse professional background. Among other things, she has been a litigant, entrepreneur, human resources supervisor, and minor league hockey agent before attaining her Juris Doctorate from the State University of New York University at Buffalo in 2001 and establishing her private practice in 2003.

A mediator, Nance seeks win-win solutions, whether she is arbitrating, coaching, litigating, mediating, or teaching. She is the visionary and creator of the Third Ear Conflict Resolution Program (TM). Through the program, Nance reminds her clients that there will always be conflicts that cannot be avoided. However, that does not mean these disagreements can’t be resolved skillfully or powerfully. Nance uses the Third Ear process and other meditation techniques to develop an action plan that moves clients toward resolution. Ideally, this process is completed privately before having to resort to a costly court procedure.


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