Naomi Marie “Omi” Preheim – Founder & Principal, OMI Consulting


“Life before age 50 is just homework for what we are really going to do”

Founder and Principal at OMI Consulting, Naomi Marie “Omi” Preheim is a highly specialized Spiritual Counselor, Teacher, Astrologer, Energy Healer, Feng Shui Consultant, Designer, and Mentor. She is an expert in spiritual mentoring and metaphysics consulting with a national client base. A sought after public speaker, Omi has shared her knowledge with captivated audiences at various conferences, lectures, on radio and television.

Omi founded OMI Consulting more than 25 years ago with an initial focus on architectural design using Feng Shui principles. The company now serves as an umbrella for her expanding business, which focuses on a multitude of metaphysical subjects. In 1992, she developed a spiritual vibrational healing practice, utilizing ancient healing techniques. Her passion for architecture and design led to Feng Shui design and teaching. Since becoming a professional consulting Astrologer in 2001, she has taught professional astrologers to combine Western astrology natal horoscopes with Feng Shui.

“Margo’s teachings were invaluable for life navigation and showed me a peaceful way to ‘be’ in the world.”

A lifelong learner, Omi continued her studies in various fields of esoteric and metaphysical practices. During her career, she has developed and delivered numerous courses, workshops, presentations, and lectures for adults in her areas of expertise. In 1997 Omi was an invited expert on ancient Egyptian mysteries of Isis and Osiris on an excursion up the Nile River. Her practice has been featured in the Boston Globe, Improper Bostonian, TV Channel 56 Boston, Channel 6 Billings, in magazines and on radio. As a non-traditional reverend, Omi also performs weddings and funerals.

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Phone: 978.276.9428