Olivia Frazier Kerr – Business Professor/Coordinator of Business Office Systems and Support Program – El Centro College


I love making a difference in the lives of learners who are hungry for knowledge. The field of education is a rewarding and fitting profession for me.”

Through her work as a Professor and Coordinator of the Business Office Systems and Support Program at El Centro College, Olivia Frazier Kerr shares her passion for business with her students and provides them with the proper knowledge to succeed in the industry.

Olivia, who has over 22 years of experience in the business field and has been teaching since 2002, entered her current full-time positions at El Centro College in 2008. In her role, she has applied innovation in the program by converting the typical classroom to a twenty-first century, real-world learning experience. She has also established an award that gives learners options in their credentials as virtual assistants and invites business executives in the Dallas business community to become part of the program’s advisory committee in order to share current trends in the business industry and apply them in the classroom.

“I genuinely care about people and like to share as much information as I can to help others grow because it is very rewarding to me as an educator. I’m also a humanitarian, which is my calling in life, and I am here to serve others. ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.'”

Contact Olivia

Website: https://www.dcccd.edu/CD/DCC/Bus/BOSS/about/Faculty/Pages/OFKerr.aspx
Email: okerr@dcccd.edu