Diana Richards – Founder, President and CEO – Vacuum Systems Int’l

diana-richardsVSI, Inc. founded by Diana Richards in December 1994 after meeting with a retail clothing store chain experiencing vacuum cleaner maintenance issues with their onsite vacuum cleaners.

The Vacuum Helpline Sustainability Program was conceived by Diana in the parking lot after that meeting. Before starting VSI, Inc., Diana owned a vacuum cleaner shop for 20 years working on all levels from repair, sales and marketing.

Vacuum Systems International, Inc. (VSI) was founded in 1994 to manage national chain stores’ floor care equipment. What started out as a single client wanting a resource for store associates to call and troubleshoot vacuum repair issues has grown into North America’s largest vacuum cleaner remanufacturing facility. Today, VSI assists nearly 72,000 facilities in 16 countries to manage their floor care equipment keeping them safe, clean and in a customer ready environment.

VSI’s service process is what sets them apart. VSI does not repair, they remanufacture. Every unit is completely disassembled so that the VSI technicians are able to replace broken and worn parts. It is because of this extensive process that their clients are getting 10-12 years out of their equipment!



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