Dr. Marium Murad – Founder and Developer of the MB Program

Dr. Marium Murad, Founder and Developer of the MB Program

Internationally qualified as a medical doctor with additional health certifications in related fields. Dr. M. Murad’s interest in natural therapies, with the opportunity to travel. Live in different countries. Make friends and meet their families. Multi-cultural knowledge with the experience of international study and living. Provides the foundation for the “Movement is Blessed” Program. An all-natural therapy based on the Timeless Basic Principles of Science. The MB Program is proven by over twenty years of development.

History of the “Movement is Blessed” Program

MB exercises were assembled by Dr. Marium Murad, for her mother. With a heart condition and confined for a prolonged period to ‘complete rest in bed’ for her bad back. Extended rest by immobility is favorable for the back but can lead to potentially dangerous heart consequences. ​With the MB Program, her mother did not suffer a single episode of chest discomfort, during the months of complete bed-rest. In fact, her mother found these toe and finger exercises very soothing. She would fall asleep while Dr. M. Murad continued with the toe and finger exercises for her mother. The MB advantage, assist circulation for a loved one, even while they’re asleep! De-stress weak hearts, especially in sickness…

The MB Program Advantage

For those individuals who would like to try a natural approach, use the MB Toes’ and Fingers’ Program. Feel the Power of Nature’s Principles. This program is custom designed for those with healthy minded individuals who are unable to exercise. Either they cannot physically exercise or do not find the time in their busy day.

Remember the fundamental Rule of Life,
​”The Heart Always Beats To Sustain Life.”
​De-stress your heart by assisting the blood flow in the microscopic blood vessels of the hands and feet. These represent the sites of initial obstructions in the circulatory system.

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Website: http://www.movementisblessed.com/