ebc-sid-panelMultimedia Press Releases are designed to get you and/or your company the recognition and media attention it deserves. Whether it’s an announcement, new product or service, or upcoming event, our multimedia press releases will get you the marketing attention you seek with very little effort on your part. Let our public relations department design a custom press release for you that will promote you and/or your company with great success. Benefits of a multimedia press release include a 400-word, custom written press release with maximum search engine optimization on the web, distributed to five (5) major audiences, including:

Your Geographic Area (daily and weekly newspapers, radio and television stations within your state or beyond), Disclosure Destinations (domestic circuits such as the Associated Press, Dow Jones, Reuters), Investors (buy and sell analysts and investors in your area), Trade and Industry Media (print and online trade media), and Search Engines, Websites, Syndicates, and Databases (all major databases like Google, Ask, Yahoo, MSN).